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Build Credibility with an Ongoing Column

For professionals, the most effective SEO combines long-term content marketing with cutting-edge innovation in digital marketing.

At SurfSmart Digital, our emphasis is on creating compelling  content in a community column that showcases your expertise to your target audience.


High Visibility on a Community Site

By building a column on a popular media website, you become a trusted brand in a growing community of experts. Cross promotions and local collaboration marketing strategies grow the column with more traffic, higher rankings and more clients trusting your brand. Even better than just SEO, guest posts and backlinks, this column grows over time.


Influencer Status that establishes Trust

Your business becomes the recognized brand in your niche targeted audience building your authority on your topic and creating more client trust. The majority of people trust a brand and purchase more from a brand when they read credible content on another website.

As part of an ongoing expert column on one of our Smart Media sites, you are creating  incredible branding that grows over time and establishes credentials and influence for your brand. There is no better way to build your Influence in your niche.

This innovative collaboration marketing strategy results in higher ranking, more trafiic and more customers.

We are your Digital Content Marketing Partners

Be an Expert

Be an expert in a monthly collaboration column where we Ask the Experts questions about your business niche and local area to connect you with your target audience. 

Be an Influencer

Be the influencer with your own monthly column showcasing your expertise in your niche written, optimized and promoted for you to build credibility and trust with your target audience.

Be the Authority

Expand your reach and build authority with weekly content across multiple topics. Showcase your expertise in your niche: written, SEO optimized and published to build credibility and trust with your target audience. Be the Voice and authority in your niche that clients connect with and trust.

Join Our Community and Elevate Your Brand

Our Top Media Website Communities

Online Florida Informational Media Website with articles and content about anything and everything in Florida. We create, write, optimize and publish a column dedicated to your niche and target audience. 

Online Holiday & Observance Media Website with articles and content about anything and everything related to holidays, celebrations, cultural observances and fun stuff. Join the mission to Unite the World through Holidays.

Find State Themed Products & Services

Our goal is to bring remarkable value to your business while continuing to provide great content for our readers. 

Stop falling into the internet content pit and start with the next generation content branding

With millions of people doing the same SEO content, how can you keep up and be seen and heard?
With an ongoing content column that grows your credibility, visibility and credentials and creates a message and unity around your brand.

Influencer Marketing
ASK the Experts F.A.Q.s

Why not just continue adding content to my own site?

You should! Ongoing content is vital for being found and increasing your SEM goals. As an expert on an ASK the Experts column or Influencer with your own column, visitors are directed to your website for more information. It is a win-win combination to gain real SEO value, more clicks to your own website content, and more clients coming to your website who already trust you. 

If you do not have blogs on your website, our writers will ghost write content for you to correlate with your expertise on our media website.  

What are the options for backlinks?

We are compliant with Google in order to keep the integrity of our websites. This is not the option for you if you are looking for one time backlinks. We are creating long-term credible content with you as a useful source for the readers. We are not creating content to try to manipulate Google. We are creating great content that is helpful to our readers which is more favorable than a single backlink to Google. Our focus is on providing a good resource for readers that leads them to your expertise. And because of that, our content will remain credible and valid and more SEO friendly short and long term. 

Can I submit a Guest Post & how does this compare?

We do not accept one-time guests post for backlink purposes. If you have an article that will be valuable to our readers and is approved as such by our senior editor, we may publish it. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAID GUEST POSTS. Google is getting wise to the sites that are accepting payment for Guest Posts & backlinks. The idea of google ranking a site higher for a backlink, is that they are being talked about or offering credible content that is published on a site other than their own. With googles new updates, backlinks for SEO only is not favorable.

As an ASK the Experts Influencer, you become a legitamate voice in our community within your niche. You are building a real presence that can't be knocked down by the millions of pieces of AI blogs that are being produced and you will gain real backlinks that google favors as an expert in our community. We are your writing team. You are paying for our writing services and gain the rewards of being published and the marketing of the column that is a bonus. 

How do you choose the topics for each article?

Every topic is chosen by our marketing team based on the questions most asked in your industry online and who your target audience is. Our marketing team researches topics using Google, ChatGPT Open AI, and social sites such as Quora and Reddit to determine the most popular topics and questions within your niche. You are welcome to suggest topics from questions you most get asked by potential clients.

We put the focus on your niche and local area.

What is the difference between ASK the Experts Columns and Influencer Columns?

Both are Influencer opportunities to build your online voice and showcase your expertise.

ASK the Experts (& Locals) Columns are a collaboration of experts across the state in one column. We ask experts questions and share the answers in one article to give different advise and perspectives. Articles will include topics such as "We Asked 5 Real Estate Agents across Florida about the current state of the Luxury Real Estate Market, and this is what they said..." and "We Asked Locals in Orlando which community park is their favorite.... " This puts you in various local and niche content with other professionals to connect you with your target audience. As part of our ASK the Experts community, you gain value and save through shared costs.

Influencer Columns are your own column of articles on your business topic, ghost written for you. With an ongoing column that is written in your voice showcasing your expertise, marketed and cross promoted for you, you become the recognized and trusted brand. Why pay a freelancer to write for you when you can have the added benefit of an ongoing column, guaranteed publication, and and SEO marketing team supporting your goals. Influencer Columns take the pressure off of you to come up with topics, find places to publish the article, make sure it is SEO optimized and can be found, and make sure it is promoted and seen by your target audience.

Why are the ASK Columns so affordable?

One word. Collaboration.

Our ASK the Experts and Locals Columns include advise and tips from experts across the state. By being a part of a collaboration of experts and locals in one column, we can do more for less out of your individual pocket. The expense of our writing, marketing and SEO teams is shared across multiple people allowing you to benefit as if you were paying $1,000/month.

How does the collaboration with other experts work?

We look for businesses in various locations across the state and across various niches. Each is included with specific answers and tips to gain trust in your local area. By collaborating, you are receiving over $1,000 worth of marketing at a fraction of the cost.


ASK 5 Landlord/Tenant Attorneys in Florida
- will include 5 lawyers from different locations around Florida.

ASK 5 Orlando Locals (various topics such as favorite parks, arts, events, foods, etc)
- will include 5 professionals from various niches such as a dentist, lawyer, real estate agent, entrepreneur, educator.

These are just examples to demonstrate the power of collaboration to be the expert in your niche and build your online authority.

What do you need from me?

Our editor will reach out with questions for you to answer. For each question, if you have a page on your website that pertains to the topic, you can include that page for more details. We will include a link to that specific page which helps with your SEO as well. Once you supply the answers to our article column questions, you sit back and we get to work. 

Why do you only offer a 12 month minimum contract?

This is a long-term marketing plan that grows your online credibility and voice in your community. We are looking for businesses who want to legitimately grow their influence. This is not a guest post one and done plan and if that is what your are looking for, this is not for you.  We are creating influencers across communities. It requires a long-term commitment to growing your online presence, influence and credibility.

All content remains live for at least 5 years provided the links to your site remain valid. Even if you give up your spot as an expert, your previous answers will remain as part of the column content and will continue to rank and increase your SEO value.

Our influencer packages are for companies who are looking for a long-term approach to reaching their audience in a natural way where they can connect and bring their voice to the community.

How long will it take to get results?

As soon as the first article is published, you will start to gain both an SEO boost and build a credibility for your business. The process to get the first article published takes about 30-60 days depending on your responsiveness to the questions our editors ask.

After the first couple months are complete, we start to cross promote the column across our website, other partner sites, press release, social media and videos. This creates an exponential growing affect.

As the articles within your column increase, it becomes a column that people come to and connect with you. This takes longer and is a long-term strategy to build your influence and authority. As this is growing, each individual article will be getting the more immediate SEO benefits.

What happens if I don't renew after the first year?

Your content from the first year will remain as part of the column articles on the topic or niche, so your backlinks and credibility will not go away. However, the idea of building more than just SEO and becoming a voice in our community as the expert in your niche, is a long-term approach and is best when you continue.

What is the cost?

We offer multiple options from 1 column per month to daily content. By collaborating in an ASK the Experts column, the prices start as low as $125/month during our Introductory Promotions. You are getting a $1,000+/month value that includes promoting your expertise, marketing across multiple media, ongoing content and publication to keep you relevant.

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Step 3

Every month we send you a link to the content so that you can also showcase it on your site and social platforms. We listen and work with you to tweak any keywords and content to fit your goals.

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