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Influencer Content Marketing

Build Your Voice in Your Community

Become the recognized and credible brand

Be featured in regular article content to build your brand influence. We create a column on a niche topic or locality that grows over time building consistent credible articles content.

Be the Contributor, Sponsor or receive Inline Mentions/links on columns such as: Orlando Lifestyle, Orlando Foodie, Golfing in Florida, Homeownership in Florida. Or fun holiday related columns such as: Pet Holidays, Holiday Baking, Holidays in Canada. Just a sampling of columns. We create a column specifically for your brand’s market focus.

Whether on topic with your brand’s category, or a topic that is just fun to put your brand in front of our audience in a positive and fun way. Content Column Sponsorship is the wave of the future building your brand across media websites with your own column or niche guide.

Available Content Sponsorship Tiers

Your content tier is determined by the number of articles, brand placements, target markets and overall growth objectives. Upgrade to a Premium Sponsor for more content across multiple media and more exposure. 

Here’s How it Works


Build Credibility

We place your business in multiple areas of content showcasing your expertise with ongoing weekly or monthly article features in key niche areas focusing on your target audience


High Visibility

We then promote the content through our Brand Amplified Marketing (BAM) out to hundreds of partner media sites and platforms to drive more targeted traffic to your brand.


Influencer Status

Your business becomes the recognized brand in your niche or targeted audience creating more client trust

Stop with the same old content and start with the new

With millions of people doing the same SEO content, how can you keep up and be seen? With an ongoing content marketing plan.

We Make it Easy!

Step 1

Place your order and provide us with your URL, target market and/or keyword focus. Our team will review your details and get started with your annual content plan.

Step 2

Once approved by you, we write and publish unique and creative content focusing on our readers with you as a feature. This approach builds over time and keeps readers engaged.

Step 3

Every month we send you a link to the content so that you can also showcase it on your site and social platforms. We listen and work with you to tweak any keywords and content to fit your goals.

Our goal is to provide additional value to your business while continuing to provide great content for our readers. 

Our Top Website Properties

FloridaSmart is an online Florida Informational Website with articles and content about anything and everything in Florida. Be a part of building better online communities and build your voice as a credible source. 


Guest Posts


Monthly Managed Guest Blogging


Business Listings & Editorials


Citations (NAP)


Sponsorships in Local Guides & Niche Topics

HolidaySmart is an online Holiday & Observance Website with articles and content about anything and everything related to holidays, celebrations, cultural observances and fun stuff. Join the mission to Unite the World through Holidays.


Guest Posts


Monthly Managed Guest Blogging


Mini Holiday Websites inclusion


Business Features


Category & Holiday Sponsorships

Easiest and Best Way to Grow your SEO, Brand Credibility, and Influence

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